Upcoming Meeting:

December 5th; 6:30-8:30 pm

SAPCC 2395 University Ave. W. #300E

Transportation Agenda Mar. 2017

Transportation Minutes Feb. 2017

The Transportation Committee works on connectivity, walkability, biking options, and multimodal transportation in our community. One of the on-going projects of the Transportation Committee is the Raymond Ave. reconstruction project. Phase II finished in November 2015 and Phase III is expected to begin in spring 2016. City staff presented in early December on their plans. The Transportation Committee facilitated a public meeting in November to discuss the initial stages of planning and hear community feedback. See the presentation here: Raymond3-Presentation.

We expect City Council to vote on the plans sometime in February.

Please note: Phase III should allow passage during the state fair. The Raymond Ave. reconstruction work comes from a community participation effort called the Raymond Avenue Traffic Calming Project that began nearly a decade ago in order to make Raymond Ave. a safer, more pedestrian and bike-friendly route.

The Transportation Committee meet every first Monday of the month at 6:30pm.

The Transportation Committee set the following goals for themselves in 2016:

1. On-going planning and outreach for Friendly Streets processes
     a. Finalize Raymond reconstruction phase III and submit input for design via two meetings and a final public hearing.
     b. Engage with DeNoyer Park and others on Grand Round process. Continue to collaborate with on Pelham, including the Better Bridges project.
     c. Offer support and planning to Territorial Road project.
     d. Offer support and planning on safe routes to schools on Como Ave with the full reconstruction of Como in 2017 in mind.
2. Involve the committee in the 10 year planning process. 
     a. Take a leadership role in the sections involving the TransportationCommittee and its goals.
3. Improve public perception of the committee.
     a. Increase transparency of processes.
     b. Increase outreach efforts to the community.
     c. Host another transportation expo.
Do you have transportation issues that you want to present to the Committee? Would you like to join this Committee? Email Cailin.