The Environment Committee works on projects of importance to air quality, noise pollution, water or land pollution, and other environmental concerns. Every spring, they lead the Kasota Ponds clean up in conjunction with local schools–colleges, high schools, and a middle school.

The Environment Committee meets every fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm.

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Their plans and goals for 2015 include:

1. Clean/weed out rain gardens.
2. Host Kasota Ponds clean up in April.
3. Have a conversation with Metro Metals regarding Kasota Ponds. Ask SECIA to join us in communicating to them the importance of keeping Kasota Ponds clean and ask for their cooperation.
4. Engage in ten year and strategic planning process.
5. Join with other Community Councils and/or TT-ASAP to see if there’s interest in forming an ad hoc committee to monitor air, light, and noise pollution. Create an actionable plan.
6. Maintain communication and coordination to participate in TT-ASAP as they develop plans over the next year.