The Environment Committee works on projects of importance to air quality, noise pollution, water or land pollution, and other environmental concerns. Every spring, they lead the Kasota Ponds clean up in conjunction with local schools–colleges, high schools, and a middle school.

The Environment Committee meets every fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm.

seppanen solar panels

Their plans and goals for 2016 include:

  1. Work proactively to develop a community vision for what we want our neighborhood to look like. Ex. create internal green space, use demonstration blocks for outreach, create planning policy.
  2. Support the understanding of developers on grant opportunities for environmental practices.
  3. Continue to communicate with and support TT-ASAP.
  4. Work on grant planning from MWMO and CRWD. (Including: development standards for rainwater, line up rain garden opportunities, work on a tree preservation district, and advocate for daylighting streams.)
  5. Publish research results from the pollution map study and air quality monitoring.
  6. Create meaningful internship opportunities tied to Environment Committee goals.
  7. Continue hosting Kasota Ponds clean up.
  8. Give input on the Ten Year plan.