SAPCC has three committees that serve to connect community members to specific issue areas in our neighborhood. Our three committees currently oversee the following areas:


Land Use


We use committees to proactively engage community issues and support initiatives in St. Anthony Park. Our committees work to stay at the forefront of community developments. Read committee minutes!

We also have an Executive Committee that takes up issues during the month in between board meeting comprised of our North, South, and Business delegation chairs. We recently convened an Equity Committee based on our strategic planning that includes equity and diversity goals to support the organization in fulfilling those goals.

Each committee has members of the community and our board that serve on them and use their monthly meetings as planning sessions for community projects and involvement. Each committee spearheads their own issue areas, though some overlap exists between community projects. Any community member can serve on a committee if they show up to three or more meetings of that committee (equivalent to three months’ time). Committees are chaired by a representative on the Board or an elected chair of the Committee (with alternate chairs found when the elected chair cannot be present). 

Read more in our bylaws: BYLAWS Revised 02_2014

Read more about our policies: Policies-and-Procedures-2012