Curious about what’s happening at your Community Council? Check out the minutes from our board and committee meetings below or skim through an old newsletter. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletters to keep up to date on what’s happening in our neighborhood.

seppanen house solarEnvironment Committee Minutes:

Meeting minutes must be first approved by the board and then finalized by the committee. Because of this process, minutes will take a month or more to be posted online.

Environment October 2017

Environment September 2017

Environment August 2017

July meeting cancelled

Environment June 2017

Environment May 2017

Environment Apr. 2017

Environment Mar. 2017

Environment Feb. 2017

January minutes not posted

December meeting cancelled

Environment Nov. 2016

Environment Oct. 2016

Environment Sep. 2016

August meeting cancelled

Environment Jul. 2016

Environment Jun. 2016

Environment Apr. 2016

Environment May 2016

Environment Mar. 2016

Environment Feb. 2016

Environment Jan. 2015

December meeting cancelled

November meeting cancelled

Environment Oct. 2015

Environment Sep. 2015

Environment Aug. 2015

Environment Jul. 2015

June meeting cancelled

Environment May 2015

Environment Apr. 2015

Environment Mar. 2015

Environment Feb. 2015 

Environment Jan. 2015

December meeting cancelled

November meeting cancelled

Environment Oct. 2014

Our newest committee, established in the 2015 Strategic Plan adopted by our Board of Directors in Fall 2015, the Equity Committee works on addressing disparities in our neighborhood.


Equity November 2017

Equity October 2017

Equity September 2017

Equity August 2017

Equity July 2017

Equity June 2017

Equity May 2017

Equity Apr. 2017

Equity Mar. 2017

Equity Feb. 2017

January Equity meeting cancelled

Equity Dec. 2016

Equity Nov. 2016

Equity Oct 2016

August & September meetings rescheduled

Equity Jul. 2016

Equity Jun. 2016

April & May meetings cancelled

Equity Mar. 2016

Equity Feb. 2016

Equity Jan. 2016

Equity Dec. 2015