Update: SAPCC’s Board of Directors weighed the ADU Task Force’s recommendations at their January meeting, passed along to the Board by the Land Use Committee. The Board sent a letter to the City’s Zoning and Planning Commission regarding both the Task Force’s recommendations and the City’s ADU Green Line Corridor Proposal. After an initial letter from the Board went through the Land Use Committee, the Executive Committee revised the letter to better reflect the complex views in our community on ADUs. 

On January 14, 2016, the St. Anthony Park Community Council Board of Directors (the Council) unanimously passed a resolution in support of the Proposed Zoning Text Revisions regarding accessory dwelling units (ADUs) along the Green Line.

Read the letter here: SAPCC revised TOD ADU ordinance letter


Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) have become a topic of hot contention in the Twin Cities. Residents in our community have strong and conflicting feelings about ADUs. In order to bridge the gap, our Land Use Committee created an ad hoc committee on ADUs to study the issue further in September. The committee was tasked with studying the multitude of opinions on ADUs in the Twin Cities and elsewhere and then present their findings in two public meetings. Read the final recommendations here: SAP ADU Task Force Final Recommendation 11-18-15


Photo by Phil Carlson
Photo by Phil Carlson

On March 16th, the ADU Task Force presented their findings in a public meeting. The task force has not come to a resolution on the question of whether or not ADUs make sense in St. Anthony Park. Instead, they want to share the information they gathered in the process and ask for your input. Below you will find information from the meeting including a summary and two comment sheets you can submit to us.


SAP ADU summary powerpoint

SAP ADU info summary

The ADU Task Force has released a DRAFT recommendation and will host a meeting to gather public feedback on October 5th from 7:00-8:30pm at St. Paul Lutheran Church. Check our events for that time and location–we will post it when the Task Force sets the date. Draft recommendation – SAP ADU 8-26-15

SAP ADU presentation 10-5-15 ppt

ADU Summary – General Responses – March 2015

ADU Summary – Design Responses – March 2015


The Community Council has not taken a stance on ADUs.


Picture from Star Tribune
Picture from Star Tribune

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